Harvest 2024


Harvest 2024

Nature always brings a surprise

In 2024, our vineyard at the foot of the Andes and on the shores of Lake Colbún faced a wild harvest.
With a rainy winter and a cold spring, the vines held their own. Although yields are lower than most years, the quality is extraordinary. This season also marked a milestone: it was the latest harvest in the history of Laberinto, which started later than usual due to weather conditions, or let’s say climate changed.

Our grapes come from the volcanoes. Sauvignon Blanc is electric, with citrus and fresh herbs; Riesling is showing floral and fruity notes, all driven by vibrant acidity. País is fresh with red fruits, and Pinot Noir unfolds with classic cherry and raspberry flavours.

Merlot vibrates with rich black fruits and soft tannins, while Cabernet Franc does so with spicy notes and a solid backbone.

Sustainable agriculture and water management

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Laberinto. In 2024 we doubled our efforts in sustainable agriculture and water management. Grass between the rows of our vineyards further reduced soil erosion caused by heavy winter rains and improved soil structure. No chemical herbicides or pesticides are used here; we choose to nurture natural flora and fauna, which in turn support vine health, helping to create a balanced ecosystem in the vineyard.

We also focused on water management; vigorous winter rains replenished our groundwater reservoirs, yet we sought to manage them precisely. Efficient irrigation systems ensured that every last drop was used, encouraging deep root growth. This approach not only conserved water, but also fortified the vines against the drier periods of spring and summer, ensuring they received just the right amount of hydration for optimal growth.

Winemaking highlights

At the winery, the 2024 vintage resulted in wines of extraordinary complexity and elegance. Our red wines, with a touch of stems inclusion, revealed greater depth and structure. Very little or minimal pumping over in order to extract quality tannins. As for the whites, meticulous fermentation with high turbidity juices resulted in a mosaic of flavours and aromas. Each bottle is a beautiful expression of a difficult but rewarding season, a sensory journey that ends in the glass and takes us to the very heart of our vineyard.

A year like no other

The 2024 wines are a tribute to the goodness of nature and our relentless drive for excellence. Limited volumes have added excitement and value to these treasures. Each sip is a reminder of the subtle beauty of our vineyard, where the Andes mark each grape, and where our labyrinth guides us to new discoveries with each passing vintage.

Laberinto Vineyards’ 2024 vintage is a testament to our ability to adapt and the quality that comes from it. This year’s wines, balanced and lively, invite us to explore, enjoy and stay connected to the rhythms of nature that shape our journey.