We are independent small producers, located in the southeast of the Chilean wine map, in the foothills of the Andes Mountains and on the shores of Lake Colbún. Hence, the volcanic component is strongly expressed in all our wines.

The first vineyards were planted in 1993, quite far from what at the time was considered an area suitable for growing wine. These soils are part of what is now the Colbún denomination of origin, possibly the most remote DO in the entire Maule Valley. From the very beginning, these wines were conceived as an adventure, to be enjoyed with friends and family. Room to experiment created the perfect environment to let our imaginations run wild and obtain a uniquely different result.


Campo Lindo
Ribera Sur KM 14
Lago Colbún

Lago Colbún

Región del Maule

We are
volcanic earth

water, mountain,

cold and warmth.

We were looking for a place with a powerful mark, something that would define and leave its print on the wines. In this sense, Chile has two main players, the Pacific Ocean and the Andes. We chose the mountain range for its components: soils with strong volcanic and mineral foundation, as well as a climate influenced by varied exposures, highlighted by cooler days and colder nights.

Today we focus on grapes from semi-cold climates, always with a high-quality, all-natural approach. Ours are complex wines, resulting from the diversity of this region.


D.O. Colbún
Valle del Maule

Our aromas and flavors are born from the exploration of nature.

The different soils and slopes, the multiple exposures of the fruit to the sun, and the curved plantings create a labyrinthine and rhythmic trace of the vineyards, all of which is expressed in the wine.

To epitomize this expression, we have planted a labyrinth, a single path that invites those who wish, in addition to enjoying good wine in great company, to stop for a moment, appreciate nature and connect with their surroundings.